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What We Do

DEI Strategies

Chief Diversity Officer, Set Up to Win!

A Chief Diversity Officer (CDO) is an essential part of any successful business model today. This eight-module course is conducted with timely and relevant material discussed in frank Zoom conversations and customized to help applicants excel as top diversity leaders and change agents in the workplace. Applicants will learn to design strategic, operational, and tactical plans and ways to deliver results, create metrics, drive accountability, and communicate effectively across all organization levels.

Courageous Conversations

The topics of social justice and racial equity are prevalent in today’s discourse. These discussions occur outside and inside the workplace. Such conversations among leaders, managers and team members can be uncomfortable, tense, and even harmful if not handled properly.  However, in a structured, educational, constructive, and respectful manner, open and honest conversations about race will be instructive, and a key contributor, to developing a culture of mutual understanding, inclusion, and trust within an organization.  This training forum is a safe space for leaders to freely and respectfully discuss: (a) the range of views on social justice and racial issues; (b) leaders’ roles in addressing these issues; and (c) incorporate practical tools to engage with your team in leading and/or diffusing conversations on these sensitive topics. 

DEI Education

There is an axiom, “you don’t know what you don’t know,” and not knowing can certainly harm you. To help identify individual and organizational "blind spots" we train chief executives, c-suite and leadership teams and individuals on cultural competence, anti-discrimination, sexual harassment, implicit bias, conscious inclusion, and belonging.

DEI Strategic Planning

The experienced Inclusent team has devised customized, holistic 'A-Z' DEI plans for Fortune 500, municipal and non-profit organizations. We will carefully listen to your organization’s specific DEI objectives and tailor strategies, tactics, and metrics designed to meet your organization’s goals.

Diverse Community & Stakeholder Engagement

Organizational citizenship or corporate social responsibility is good for business, fosters deeper employee engagement, and enhances brand reputation. Win-win partnerships with influencers and community stakeholders are vital to an organization’s viability in the marketplace. Inclusent will help your organization identify and forge strategic relationships with MWBE vendors, governmental entities, diverse community leaders, and other key stakeholders to increase market share and community goodwill.

Executive Career Coaching

We help individuals enhance their career trajectory with a specific approach to soft skills development, relationship-building, insightful decision-making, and self-accountability. We can also supplement an organization’s internal mentoring/coaching program by serving as an external diversity resource for individuals who may benefit from the perspectives and experiences of someone with racial, ethnic or gender commonalities and lived experiences.

– C-suite/Executive D&I competencies   
– Career & Professional Development  
– Inclusive Leadership Skills

Procurement Inclusion

Economic inclusion is an essential component of a holistic D&I Strategy. Ensuring an inclusive vendor base is good for business, good for MWBE enterprises, and necessary to address economic inequities in the marketplace. Inclusent will assess the level of inclusion in your vendor base and partner with your procurement department to develop and execute a plan to source qualified underrepresented businesses.  Moreover, in partnership with your marketing department, Inclusent will also develop or enhance an internal and external communications plan highlighting your commitment to doing
business with MWBEs.

Workplace Diagnostic Assessments

An outside perspective provides the “fresh eyes” needed to assess whether your company meets its organizational DEI goals.  We will comprehensively review your organization’s human resources policies and procedures re: talent acquisition, talent management, training; procurement policies and vendor profiles; community engagement and investment practices to identify potential blind-spots and suggest best practices to remove unintended barriers to drive optimal DEI success.

Legal Advisory

Anti-Discrimination/Anti-Harassment/Best Practices Education

A session to increase understanding of employment laws impacting the workplace, and the role of leaders and managers to not only prevent and discourage illegal discrimination but encourage behaviors that help to create an inclusive workplace culture. 

Workplace Investigations

Workplace investigations can tie up valuable human resources. On behalf of your organization, Inclusent efficiently and with confidentiality, identifies the facts, conducts the investigation, prepares the report, and recommends an appropriate course of action.


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