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Diversity &
Inclusion Advantage

About Us

We hold as axiomatic that organizations with a commitment to diversity and inclusion yield outsized benefits in the workplace, deliver outsized performance in the marketplace and inspire a better, more tolerant and more resilient world. With diversity and inclusion leadership roles for major Fortune 500 companies, each of our founders has lived the challenges of our clients and experienced firsthand the rewards of rising to meet them.  We have created, managed and lead organization-wide diversity strategies and programs, trained thousands of employees on diversity and inclusion matters, mediated hundreds of related cases and tried complex employment jury trials. Each team member has operational experience managing significant budgets, hiring staff and leading teams of consultants, lawyers and other experts to resolve complex, sensitive disputes.
We’ve done this many times - quickly, confidentially and cost-effectively. And we can do it for your organization as well.

With over 20 years of direct experience benefiting private, public and non-profit organizations, we offer our clients a range of diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) services:

DEI Strategies

Diversity, equity and inclusion related issues are usually complicated by a patchwork of internal and external rules,
regulations and compliance issues, which is why Inclusent’s team of diversity and inclusion lawyers excel at providing
fast, expert, confidential advice across a range of topics:

Legal Advisory

Chief Diversity Officer – Set Up To Win!

Courageous Conversations

DEI Education

DEI Strategic

Diverse Community

& Stakeholder Engagement

Executive and Career Coaching

Procurement Inclusion

Anti-Discrimination / Harassment /
Best Practices

Workplace Investigations

Workplace Diagnostic Assessments

Pillars for Success




We firmly believe organizations that view diversity and inclusion as a competitive advantage will invariably outperform non-diverse organizations in the workplace and marketplace. Forward-looking organizations will develop or strengthen a holistic DEI strategy designed to achieve DEI in three critical areas: workplace, marketplace and community.

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